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Jumaat, 27 Mac 2009

The Iron Wall

COMPLETE will be screening *”The Iron Wall”*, a thought provoking and impactful
documentary which delves into the racist policy of Zionist Israel. The documentary very clearly depicts the catastrophic effects of the wall on the lives of the Palestinians. Close to 90% of the wall’s construction is inside the West Bank, effectively cutting people off from families, schools, farmlands, hospitals, workplaces… In other words, completely isolating them. You’d be shocked at the wanton aggression of arms bearing settlers, terrorising an already oppressed people. This is one documentary not to be missed.

The documentary will be followed by a panel discussion. Panelists include Ambassador of the State of Palestine, senior official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an Ambassador from a foreign mission.

Sunday, April 5th 2009 9:30 amAuditorium DBKL3rd Floor, Bangunan DBKLJalan Raja Laut
We would like to appeal to you to encourage family members, friends,business associates, colleagues, clients etc to purchase tickets for this event, at a minimum donation of RM20 per ticket.
I have little doubt that with your vast network of friends, you will be able to encourage them to participate in this worthy cause, InsyaAllah You can contact: Mimi - 012 372 3135
I have also attached flyers for your kind distribution. You could even put the flyer in your blog, if there is that possibility. For those who would like to give a helping hand, they may do so by contacting Azra at 016 209 4500.
Otherwise, please contact Ayu The Sun via her email add:

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